Friday, June 15, 2007

Miwa Yanagi's grandmothers



Photos by Miwa Yanagi


Celia said...

These photos are, as you have probably guessed, not taken by me. I just discovered Miwa Yanagi's fantastic photos (from She lifts them with accompanied texts. This is the text for the second photo, the one named "Ai":

"I know people in this neighborhood talk behind my back and say that my fortune-telling is fake.
I don't do this to get a bit of money from these kids, I'm not that desperate or bored
I'm just here waiting for one special customer: my successor.
since she's not attracted to the past or anxious about the future,
I leave it to chance that someday, she'll enter through this shattered doorway.
after she takes my place, I'll live quietly, discharged from both my hopes and regrets.

How many more dull fortunes do I have to tell
I can't help feeling pity for these innocent girls.
their lives will be just like their mothers,
chronic boredom interrupted by disappointment and disillusionment.
Can't believe that they come here to confirm that.
I'm fed up with their girlsih secrets,
made rosy only by their shallow expectations and cheap dreams.
I'll only take five more customers today.
Oh, this girl is about to cry.
there's no use for tears, sweetheart."

Roo said...

The difference between the two pictures is interesting. One so formidable looking, the other so laid back. What an incredible theme to photograph.

Thanks :o)