Monday, October 02, 2006

Britannia romantica


Roo said...

I like your view, there is a however :o)

Perfect lawn - ours is made up of meadow grass, so gets long very quickly and as neither Peter or I like to mow it, it has that shaggy sort of look to it. The upside is that it is a haven for frogs and a hunting ground for hedgehogs.

Scones ( v.good, homemade the better) clotted cream (perfect, especially if it's from Rhodda's) Lemon curd?? Sorry it has to be Strawberry Jam. If you are coaught eating them with lemon curd you are drummed out of the Marple fan club, and have all your knitting unwound on the village green, then ducked in the pond - all terribly embarrassing.

I have the books, and need more shelves, would love room enough for a leather chair, and we have stacks of JO cook books, but then I have more than enough cookery books I think.

Films have to be black and white on a rainy grey day, or even a lazy autumn day, something like "Brief Encounter" or "Goodbye Mr Chips"

As for Miss Marple, you still can't beat Margaret Rutherford who starred in a lot of the films, and Joan Hickson was still my favourite on TV.

And Midsomer - there is a Midsomer Norton near Bath. As for Causton, there is one on Vancouver Island!

I do like your view, it's fading though which is a shame, as it wasn't too far away really.

Celia said...

Well, I have been to your island. My memories are slightly different than what I write about here, but they are good and they include afternoon tea with clotted cream and strawberry jam :)

Celia said...

I prefer to think of Britain as ”England” where
people are gardening among roses, box-hedges and perfect lawns,
having afternoon tea served with scones, clotted cream and lemon curd,
reading books by Tony Parsons, Zadie Smith and Elizabeth George
in libraries with leather armchairs, thick velvet curtains and old books,
eating Indian cuisine, Jamie Oliver food or Cruella Nigella dishes,
followed by films like “the Browning Version”, “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, or “Sliding Doors”,
laugh at Monty Python, Mr Bean or French and Dawn,
and politely murder each other in picturesque villages.

My ultimate version of “England” is the latest version of Miss Marple in the shape of Geraldine McEwan – in a nutshell!

Oh, by the way, I do not have any good map of England. Could anyone – please – tell me where I can find Midsomer? Or did they all kill each other?